Samudaya Adharita Udyanavana

The Samudaya Adharita Udyanavana program focuses on the empowerment of visually impaired youth – encouraging and assisting them in completing their academic courses, make them employable and increase their network.

The Objectives of Samudaya Adharita Udyanavana

  • —Complete studies and become employable
  • —After understanding policies, they will campaign for their fundamental rights
  • —Spread awareness in colleges that they are equal
  • —Team up other visually challenged girls and boys to lead this movement
  • —Increase their network to do away with the challenges of visually impaired

Core Geographical Area : Taluk Bangalore East, District Bangalore South Whitefield Range

—Current Action Plan

  • Empowerment of visually impaired youth- 60 numbers
  • —Residential center for development of Visually Impaired girls
  • —A Hostel has been started on 18th June to accommodate 15 visually challenged girls
  • —Training for protection of rights —( Once in 4 months)
  • —Cultural Fest (  Once a year )
  • —Fellowship for 10 Visually impaired girls
  • —Teaching Aids – —Voice recorders were provided to 60 visually challenged youth in Urban Bangalore
  • —Youth Development Conversation (Once a month)
  • —Talking to Samvada to assign Volunteers


Samudaya Sashaktikaran

(Community Empowerment)